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Great Lakes Truck Club




Welcome to the Great Lakes Truck Club, we are a first class organization dedicated to the preservation of classic and antique commercial trucks. Our focus is class 7 and 8 trucks that are 20 years or older. Great Lakes Truck Club is a non-profit organization that anyone can join and we welcome all that own or have an interest in the operation of vintage trucks and trucking. Remember old trucks are fun and the club is here for comradery, fellowship and our willingness to help other old truck nuts! You do not need to own a truck, but may wish to collect models, photos, literature and memorabilia. So anyone that owns or appreciates old trucks is always welcome to the Great Lakes Truck Club.

The Great Lakes Truck Club was formed in December 2009 to provide a Canadian antique truck club. The executive committee is comprised of 7 antique truck enthusiasts.

Secretary: Victoria Sider

Show Co-ordinators: Chris Hall & Rob Johnston

Executive Committee: Matt Henderson, Stephen Procter,  Barry Petteplace, Neil Jutzi, Jason Schlueter, Chris Hall and Victoria Sider .

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