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12th Annual Clifford Antique & Classic Truck Show 2022 


The Great Lakes Truck Club is hosting its 12th annual classic and antique truck show, on July 1st and 2nd, 2022 in beautiful Clifford, Ontario. Since its introduction 13 years ago, the show has grown and gained recognition as the largest gathering of classic big rigs in Canada. The show is open to all to visit or bring their rigs that are 25 years or older. We do welcome newer trucks however they must be traditional style with exposed air cleaners and stacks. Last year’s show was a success with a record number of spectators and over 180 classic and antique rigs. We had huge crowds that easily doubled the previous year’s turnout. One thing that is spectacular to see is the Cabover Cruise-In where we feature two rows dedicated to the retro cabover. This is a sight to be seen as is reminiscent of the days that these trucks dominated the highways.


If you are a driver, retired from trucking, or a truck enthusiast, this is a great show for you to be able to relive the golden years of trucking. This year we noticed more folks camping on site, which helped provide a great time to socialize throughout the weekend. Our main objective for this show is to bring vintage truck enthusiasts together with trucks manufactured in the 50’s right through to the 80’s. It is a non judged event.


With the success of the Clifford Truck Show in the past, the executive made a decision to use part of the proceeds from our show and donate $4500.00 to the Clifford Rotary Club. The donation helps with some projects for and maintenance of Rotary Park and its facilities. 


Hope to see you this year at the 2022 Clifford Truck Show, held on Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd 2022.



Rotary Park -  20Allan St. - Clifford, Ontario 



  • General Admission: $10.00

  • Truck Entry: $25.00

  • Camping: $50.00




 Friday........9 am - 8 pm

 Saturday...9 am - 8 pm


Truck/Camping Registration

Thursday...11am - 9pm

Friday......... 8am - 9pm    

Saturday....8am - 12pm


see show and camping page

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